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Monday, October 22, 2012 11:01
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I am a student designer and work part time as an art editor for my high school paper. The editor of my newspaper told me that the school is looking for design concepts and ideas for its school logo. I immediately thought of

Being a design buff I had heard of through a design forums and blogs that I followed. I had also tried their design software for a few personal design projects before. I went home that night and started working on a prototype. Since I had used the software before, I was very comfortable with the whole process from the very beginning.

I had access to a few insider details. The school wanted to keep the image of the eagle in the logo. It’s our symbol and also our official mascot but they wanted something with a modern touch. I also knew the color choices beforehand so that narrowed things down nicely for me. After about a couple of hours of design work, I had a nice prototype ready. I showed it to my editor the next day, who showed it to the teachers in charge and then to the principal. They were all enthused by the design and praised the hard work I had done in creating it. That did wonders for my level of confidence.

The big guns took it from there. A small team was created to oversee the development of the logo based on my prototype. My sketch went through further advancements and tweaks, all done on’s logo designing software and after a few days we finally downloaded the complete files. The entire school administration was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly our school acquired a logo. Thanks LogoSnap for giving our school a brand new logo and also for making me very famous at my school.

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